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Athlete Spotlight: Jamillia

Updated: May 27, 2020

We have been working with Jamillia for a seven months and she recently competed in the Chicagoland Women's Raw Novice meet at B&W gym. She went 9 for 9 and set lifetime PRs and huge meet PRs. Though it was just her second meet ever, she executed throughout the day and showed the poise of a veteran on the platform. Over the last seven months Jam has been consistent with her training and it was great to see her consistency pay off with some huge PRs. Check out the video to see her execute on all of the third attempts. Unfortunately Jam and coach Aleli could not execute on a clean fist bump after the final deadlift. This was our first meet working with Jam, the fist bump will be

better on the next one.

She won 2nd place in her weight class and 3rd overall.

Squat 140kg (308lbs)

Bench 70kg (154lbs)

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