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$150 a Month

Every athlete receives the following:

  • Individualized programming 

  • Weekly scheduled check-ins and feedback

  • Ad hoc communication based on athlete’s needs

  • Adjustments based on training performance

  • Video review and form feedback based on athlete's needs

  • Powerlifting meet game planning and attempt selection

  • Meet day handling (Chicago area)

Scroll down to see what the process looks like



We are responsible for providing the prescribed work to the athlete at the start of every week. If athletes prefer they can receive up to four weeks at a time. We use a combination of RPE, percentages, and specific weights to communicate the program. This is customized to the athlete. Every week we provide feedback to the athlete as well as discuss future programming plans. We also address any questions or feedback the athlete has communicated in their weekly check-in.

Program Pic 4_edited.png


The athlete is responsible for tracking all of their work and RPEs in the provided tracking sheet. We use a google sheet for this. The tracking sheet keeps track of various metrics like volume, tonnage, and an estimated 1RM. These data points serve as key information in evaluating the athlete’s response to training and future programming considerations.



The athlete is responsible for completing the Weekly Check-in form. We use a google form for this. This tool provides the athlete an opportunity to reflect on their training and communicate their assessments. The athlete also provides feedback on the programming and how they are responding. This information is used for future programming decisions.

Weekly Check in.PNG


We are responsible for tracking the results of the programming. The athlete tracking sheet provides data to analyze and evaluate the results. Metrics like volume, tonnage, average intensity, and estimated 1RM are reviewed. We generally avoid focusing on a single day’s data, instead we look at trends over several weeks. This quantitative data, along with the qualitative commentary from the athlete, informs future programming decisions. The objective is to continually progress towards the athlete’s goals.

Process Looks Like


Here is the deal. We can't promise you 50kg on your total or any other specific number. The truth is we do not know how you will respond to training. We can get an idea based on your training history and background and can get an even better sense as we work together. Sometimes things click right away and strength improves quickly and sometimes things take more time. So while we cannot promise you a crazy jump in strength, we can promise you the following:

  • We will keep your goals as our top priority and do our best to help you achieve them.

  • We will be respectful, professional, and responsive.

  • We will communicate consistently and with honesty.

  • We will continue to evolve and grow as a coaches.

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